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I know all the marketing & branding gurus are pitch-slapping you eight times a day with hypey offers:

"Launch your signature course in just 60 days"
"Make 6-figures in 14 days - just teaching what you know."
"If you don't have a 2k course, you're a stupid idiot face, who will die poor and your cat will eat-off half your face before anyone finds your smelly losery body because you were too weak to charge what you're worth and sell massive online courses, you loser."

(Okay, maybe not that last one but it sure feels like it)

The thing is: Most students don't want 2k mega-courses:

Like you, your potential dream students are hella busy.

And that "oh my god my life is totally going to be so much better and everyone else can suck it"-high crashes faster than a toddler on pixie sticks.

Leaving your students with a massive digital paperweight, a devastating $2000 credit card bill and that "i'm-such-a-stupid-moron-for investing-all-that money- into something-I-don't-even-use" guilt.

They feel like poop. You get NO success stories to brag about so you start feeling like a fraud. Not to mention the 3 months of your life you slaved over that content, and 27 days googling screen-flow, wishlist-member and wordpress tutorials trying to make it all possible.

So, what are potential students really after that won't send you into shame spiral if it doesn't "work out" perfectly?

1-3 module video mini-courses laser focused on getting students one result they're craving-fast. Without 10 other "nice-to-know" modules.

You're going to learn....

  • How to dig through your mountain of ideas to cherry pick a tiny-but-urgent problem your dream students need solved asap...(No clue what to teach? Not after this workshop)
  • How to easy record + edit your screen slide videos on PC or Mac with a live demo
  • Which key pieces of content you must have to create an irresistible content breadcrumb trail leading random visitors to smiling buyers
  • How to actually setup your school, accept payment and load your value-soak content on to the site with 1 click
  • The #1 mistake most wannabe course creators make and how to fix it
  • Where to draw the line between too much info and not enough
  • My secret process for shutting up the "who I am to teach this" voice once and for all
  • Plus: A FREE interactive workbook (coming soon)!


Kate Doster

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